Please note that this grading list must be adhered to at all times when riding WSW Centre Championship Trials & President Shield. This list will be updated after every championship round and sent to club secretaries and updated here on

Iwan DaviesNeathExpert
Lloyd PriceNeathExpert
Gareth RogersTrials Training WalesExpert
Wayne JonesVOTExpert
Stephen RichardsVOTExpert
Dai CollinsDulais ValleyMasters
Lyn DaviesDulais ValleyMasters
Julian CollinsDulais ValleyMasters
Andy HaywardDulais ValleyMasters
Jolyon WaltersDulais ValleyMasters
Dylan EvansDulais ValleyMasters
Dan ColeVale of TowyMasters
Teilo RogersTrials Training WalesYouth 'A' Masters
Archie FlethcherVOTYouth 'A' Masters
Charlie CarterVOTYouth 'B' Masters
John Phillips Dulais ValleyClubman
Julian SmithDulais ValleyClubman
Julian PageDulais ValleyClubman
Nick GreenhillDulais ValleyClubman
Mike PrytherchDulais ValleyClubman
Jonathan MorrisDulais ValleyClubman
Huw Jones (SS)Dulais ValleyClubman
Gary RichardsDulais ValleyClubman
Darren MorganDulais ValleyClubman
Daniel ThomasDulais ValleyClubman
Mark Daniel (DV)Dulais ValleyClubman
Dylan HughesDyfed DirtbikeClubman
Anthony GriffithsDyfed DirtbikeClubman
Kirby RichardsNeathClubman
Liam HughesNeathClubman
Simon DaviesNeathClubman
Simon WardNeathClubman
James LaminNeathClubman
Peter LewisNeathClubman
Matt LlewellynNeathClubman
Chris JackaNeathClubman
Michael Root NeathClubman
Anthony MacklenNeathClubman
Glyn MosesNeathClubman
Russ MeredithNeathClubman
Marcus Stanton TysackNeathClubman
Mark Daniel (VOT)V.O.T.Clubman
Dean KennifordV.O.T.Clubman
Bailey JackaNeathYouth 'A' Clubman
Zak HazelNeathYouth 'B' Clubman
Adrian LavercombeDulais ValleySportsman Masters
Barrie ScullyDulais ValleySportsman Masters
Wayne ThomasDulais ValleySportsman Masters
Stephen MorrisDulais ValleySportsman Masters
Justin JonesDulais ValleySportsman Masters
Mark MullinDulais ValleySportsman Masters
Grant ThomasDulais ValleySportsman Masters
Rob BaronDulais ValleySportsman Masters
Simane PriceMaestegSportsman Masters
Brett KingNeathSportsman Masters
Thomas PowellNeathSportsman Masters
Stewart LynchNeathSportsman Masters
Brian HazelNeathSportsman Masters
Stuart HillNeathSportsman Masters
Eirian Davies Vale of TowySportsman Masters
Neville ThomasVale of TowySportsman Masters
Jon CollierVale of TowySportsman Masters
Lee CollinsVale of TowySportsman Masters
Michael BeechamVale of TowySportsman Masters
Ian FletcherVale of TowySportsman Masters
Lewis AndrewsNeathYouth 'A' Sportsman Masters
Daniel LewisDulais Valley Sportsman
Stuart RobinsonDulais Valley Sportsman
Iwan ThomasDulais Valley Sportsman
James BrinkworthNeathSportsman
John BennettNeathSportsman
Jenifer HuntleyNeathSportsman
Ian HawkeNeathSportsman
Kevin NedinNeathSportsman
Llion ReesVOTSportsman
Alun HemmingsVOTSportsman
Hugo JonesDulais Valley Veteran
Martin Singleton NeathVeteran
David Williams NeathVeteran
John HillNeathVeteran
Robert BerryNeathVeteran
Andrew WallaceNeathVeteran
Simon ReesVale of TowyVeteran
Steve ShakesbyVale of TowyVeteran
Stephen JamesVale of TowyVeteran
Ian DaviesVale of TowyVeteran
Massie MorrisTrials Training WalesYouth 'C' Sportsman