22/10/2023 – Neath MC – 3 Course Trial

So last Sunday was a Neath 3 course Trial, if you didn’t go then more fool you because you missed a really good event. Clark of the course Ken Patterson with help from Brian Puckett did an excellent job marking out the course. There was a bit of confusion from some riders on the morning deciding which course to ride. Also the greedy buggers at sport 80 didn’t get any of the money from the trial because it was enter on line, but pay on the day, using cash or the card machine, or if your name is Anthony by Cheque. Anyway thankfully the large carpark that’s very close to the sections meant that Eric didn’t need rescuing this week. The trial consisted of a good mixture of sections, from muddy banks to streams and rocks, with 5 laps of 8 sections. Yellow route was expertly ridden and won by Mark Tyzack. Red and blue route was won by Wayne Thomas. White route winner was Iwan Davies. Many thanks to the observers you all did a fantastic job, special thanks to Eric’s Dog for keeping an eye on him. We are sorry about the delay with the results, unfortunately the club member that did many years in university obviously missed day one of his course ( plugging your laptop in) Lastly and most importantly a big thanks to the landowner Brian Birch. Our next trial is 26/11/2023 it’s a WSW Centre Championship, enter early and pay on the day. Mark T.

29/07/2023 – DV 3 Course Trial

Report & Results Dulais valley MCC 29th July Easy trial report The DV team are at it again and it’s always special to pull a new venue out of the bag! Our chairman Neil Dinwoodie to be thanked big time for this.  With it being a planned “Easy” trial, the team kept the route purposely small, but it contained 7 nice sections to be ridden 4 times.   Ide hoped the wet weather had not made things too spicy, but the young and upcoming Iwan Davies showed everyone that it really was that easy, finishing his day with a clean, absolute 0 card. He was the only rider clean, however. Some older geezer squeezed into the runner up spot, only however because James Lamin had chosen to ride a twin shock for the day, James still looked pretty handy on the old girl though.   Zac Hazell took the youth clubman class on a credible 25 dabs.  Euros Davies took the “not so easy” class win losing 3 dabs around the 4 laps and pipping Keith “Our Dai” Bedford on 6.    Lewis Andrews went home smiling taking the “youth not so easy” class from Maise Morris who showed grit and determination to finish after taking a spill on slippery section 6, well done Maisie for getting back on that metaphorical horse, you too are a winner    Michael Chandler led the newbies/oldies class home (easy route course) all still competitive of course.  Last but not least, a young Lewis Falder finished with a great 23 marks in the “Youth easy Class”. Lewis is progressing outdoors from our Trials training Wales academy.  My personal big thanks to all the observers, our new farmer and worth mentioning our new members just starting out in the trial family.        Thank you, Paul

Erik’s walk for Dementia

One of our members, Erik Lanfear completed the Trek 26 walk for dementia on the 8th July this year, raising over £1000 for the charity (and you can still give money if you wish). Erik would like to give his thanks to everyone, and all the clubs who donated money for this fantastic cause.

23/07/2023 – 3 Course Trial – Pontadawe

After a load of rain the riders knew it was going to be a slippery one at the Pontadawe venue for the Neath MC 3 course trial. A poor entry (only 22 riders) and a struggle to get observers didn’t put too much of a damper on the day. Trial was separated into 2 sections, with the riders heading to sections 1,2 & 3 first, riding 4 laps of those sections first. Sections 1, 2 & 3 provided a nice mixture of stream work, and slippery bank’s with some steep turns taking marks from most riders. Once all riders had ridden the first 3 sections 4 times, the pack headed back to the start so the observers could be recycled and re-used!! Section 4 was something different, a graded hill climb which posed no problem whatsoever taking a grand total of 0 marks from the entire pack all day. With the second part of the day having a mixture of tight turns, tricky log sections, banks and classic trials sections a good day had by all. A massive thank you to all of the observers for standing out for the day, and the club members for putting on the course. And of course, thanks to the land owner for the use of the ever improving trials venue at Pontadawe. PHOTOS TO FOLLOW

2/07/2023 – Fred Rist

The Fred Rist LDT was held last Sunday in the Hills above the Neath Valley. 8 Classes were catered for using both “Hard ” and “Easy ” routes. 76 started the 60 mile course broken up into the morning and afternoon loops with the lunch break back to the new excellent starting venue of the Llewn Felish Farm on the outskirts of Crynant. In the morning the riders headed straight to the lowest part of the famous Sarn Helen Roman road for the 1st group of 6 sections and the early Special test incorporated into one of the observed section at the home of the St Davids ACU British trials championships. The next couple of sections were 10 miles the other end of the gruelling 30 min run on the Roman road again before heading back to the outskirts of Crynant where the last 2 tight sections on land provided by kind permission from one of the NMC members. There were 3 riders with a clean sheet on the Trail hard course and four riders loosing only 1 mark in the other classes/ route at the lunch break. The Afternoon loop headed to the normally slippery venue of the “Wenallt woods”, but this year with the very dry conditions it was difficult to take any marks off the leading riders. The route took its usual direction over the mountain tracks above Tonmawr  then past the famous Richard Burton birthplace of Pontrhydyfen before travelling up the by-way to see the views over the Swansea bay. The last group of section at “Glynbedd” were reached this year by a new route by kind permission of some very obliging farmers over their land and mountain track. A short hop over the river ford led the riders back to the Finish area for a well deserved cuppa and a burger, only to find the 3 riders on cleans in the morning were still clean and the premier and R/up in the Trial Hard course had to be settled by the special test times. The Hybrid class was settled by ” Most cleans” with the Trail easy class result was more clear cut using the observed marks lost as was the other classes.

28/05/2023 Vale of Towy Easy Trial

It was great to see new faces and some faces of the past.Sunshine, a great venue and Bank Holiday weekend thrown in for good measure made way for a 45 strong entry and successful VOT easy trial with two routes marked out for Easy and a more challenging Standard route.Nine sections were marked out by the team which included woodland, streams, off cambers and rocks so there was plenty of variety on offer over 4 laps.Our Pencader venue defiantly didn’t disappoint.A big thank you to Dave and Lynn for the use of the land and all officials and volunteers on the day and all riders who turned out.

Site Updates – 24/05/2023

Some new updates to the site this month. Results and reports now fully functional. Loading times should now be improved to the site. Next to be added is the Contact Us section.

21/05/2023 – WSW Centre Championship Rnd 5

Hosted by Neath MC. Riders were presented with plenty of sunshine for the 5th round of the WSW Centre Championship. With a wide mixture of sections ranging from rocky stream beds (they were streams!) through to hill side bank sections and things in-between, Llety Rafel farm once again provided a great day’s sport. 8 sections over 4 laps, and 65 riders resulted in around 5 hours of riding. With James Lamin of Neath taking 1st place on the clubman route dropping only 3 marks all day, and Lloyd Price also dropping only 3 marks – 2 fantastic rides. With class wins from Andy Hayward, Justin Jones, Jonathan Collier, Dave Williams, Iwan Davies, Bailey Jacka & Lewis Andrews rounding off the winners on the day. A big thanks to all that made the event possible, and also the land owner, Mr Rob Richards for allowing the event to run. Look forward to the next one!