Report & Results

Dulais valley MCC 29th July Easy trial report

The DV team are at it again and it’s always special to pull a new venue out of the bag! Our chairman Neil Dinwoodie to be thanked big time for this.

 With it being a planned “Easy” trial, the team kept the route purposely small, but it contained 7 nice sections to be ridden 4 times. 

 Ide hoped the wet weather had not made things too spicy, but the young and upcoming Iwan Davies showed everyone that it really was that easy, finishing his day with a clean, absolute 0 card. He was the only rider clean, however. Some older geezer squeezed into the runner up spot, only however because James Lamin had chosen to ride a twin shock for the day, James still looked pretty handy on the old girl though. 

 Zac Hazell took the youth clubman class on a credible 25 dabs. 

Euros Davies took the “not so easy” class win losing 3 dabs around the 4 laps and pipping Keith “Our Dai” Bedford on 6.  

 Lewis Andrews went home smiling taking the “youth not so easy” class from Maise Morris who showed grit and determination to finish after taking a spill on slippery section 6, well done Maisie for getting back on that metaphorical horse, you too are a winner  

 Michael Chandler led the newbies/oldies class home (easy route course) all still competitive of course.

 Last but not least, a young Lewis Falder finished with a great 23 marks in the “Youth easy Class”. Lewis is progressing outdoors from our Trials training Wales academy.

 My personal big thanks to all the observers, our new farmer and worth mentioning our new members just starting out in the trial family.        Thank you, Paul