After a load of rain the riders knew it was going to be a slippery one at the Pontadawe venue for the Neath MC 3 course trial. A poor entry (only 22 riders) and a struggle to get observers didn’t put too much of a damper on the day. Trial was separated into 2 sections, with the riders heading to sections 1,2 & 3 first, riding 4 laps of those sections first. Sections 1, 2 & 3 provided a nice mixture of stream work, and slippery bank’s with some steep turns taking marks from most riders. Once all riders had ridden the first 3 sections 4 times, the pack headed back to the start so the observers could be recycled and re-used!! Section 4 was something different, a graded hill climb which posed no problem whatsoever taking a grand total of 0 marks from the entire pack all day. With the second part of the day having a mixture of tight turns, tricky log sections, banks and classic trials sections a good day had by all.

A massive thank you to all of the observers for standing out for the day, and the club members for putting on the course. And of course, thanks to the land owner for the use of the ever improving trials venue at Pontadawe.


Rider NumberNameCourse / ClassS1S2S3S4S5S6S7S8TotalPosition
2Eirian DaviesAdult – Not so Easy035010009128×0
3Ian DaviesAdult – Not so Easy062000109227×0
20Dave WilliamsAdult – Not so Easy08400000123
17Christopher SingletonAdult – Not so Easy0360204015
8Ian HawkeAdult – Not so Easy010130605842
21Emily WilliamsAdult – Not so Easy11118021201063
4Iwan DaviesAdult – Tricky0000001011
10James LaminAdult – Tricky0010003042
19Wayne ThomasAdult – Tricky01103630143
1Mark DanielAdult – Tricky00104012017
15Kieran MorganAdult – Tricky0110808018
6Simon DaviesAdult – Tricky5210912020
13Anthony MacklenAdult – Tricky0160418020
14Darren MorganAdult – Tricky11201034021
18Julian SmithAdult – Tricky0160527021
12Stewart LynchAdult – Tricky01301238027
11Ade LavercombeAdult – Tricky06307012028
16Kevin NedinAdult – Tricky136011316040
7Ashton DugayYouth – Tricky65109440291