Plenty of wet weather leading up to Neath MC’s first youth event was going to provide tricky going for the youth riders on the day. Marked out by Anthony Macklen, the riders were offered 8 sections with 4 laps of the course.

A mixture of tight turns, twists, hills and muddy sections were the order of the day.

All of the riders seemed to enjoy themselves, with a little bit of competition dropped in for good measure (and the weather staying mostly dry) – a good afternoon’s sport was had by all.

As always, massive thanks to the observers, helpers and the Land Owner for allowing us to run this event.

You can scroll the table below, or search for a rider name or class to narrow down the results.

Rider NumberRider NameClassS1S2S3S4S5S6S7S8TOTALClass Pos
5Freddie GreenClubman – D4122111111331
51Harley CrayfordEasy – B1318151551014111011
55Alfie EvansEasy – C307100012231
54Fern EdwardsEasy – C514700012292
58Lucas JamesEasy – C776203112383
49Lewis FalderEasy – C579119081564
59Reuben JamesEasy – D22123013141
47Nicholas TudorEasy – D20120209162
15Sam NedinEasy – D81017203411553
53Moss EdwardsEasy – D151618241151687
48Remy NorthoverEasy – D1411168612121291
57Ellis JamesEasy – D14141899101412100
50Jayden JamesVery Easy – C1212121011121412951
56Ellis CareyVery Easy – D48091112312591
21Harley River ManningVery Easy – D1288121012411772
712Jacy LlewellynVery Easy – E12131412121214121011