So last Sunday was a Neath 3 course Trial, if you didn’t go then more fool you because you missed a really good event.

Clark of the course Ken Patterson with help from Brian Puckett did an excellent job marking out the course. There was a bit of confusion from some riders on the morning deciding which course to ride. Also the greedy buggers at sport 80 didn’t get any of the money from the trial because it was enter on line, but pay on the day, using cash or the card machine, or if your name is Anthony by Cheque.

Anyway thankfully the large carpark that’s very close to the sections meant that Eric didn’t need rescuing this week. The trial consisted of a good mixture of sections, from muddy banks to streams and rocks, with 5 laps of 8 sections. Yellow route was expertly ridden and won by Mark Tyzack. Red and blue route was won by Wayne Thomas. White route winner was Iwan Davies. Many thanks to the observers you all did a fantastic job, special thanks to Eric’s Dog for keeping an eye on him.

We are sorry about the delay with the results, unfortunately the club member that did many years in university obviously missed day one of his course ( plugging your laptop in) Lastly and most importantly a big thanks to the landowner Brian Birch. Our next trial is 26/11/2023 it’s a WSW Centre Championship, enter early and pay on the day.

Mark T.

Rider NumberNameClassS1S2S3S4S5S6S7S8TOTALCLASS POS
3Mark TyzackAdult – Easy1000105071
10Emily WilliamsAdult – Easy1170000092
4Mark OrfordAdult – Easy124011160253
5Phillip SimmondsAdult – Easy58771023051
16Wayne ThomasAdult – Not So Easy10202060111
28Dean KennifordAdult – Not So Easy100000110122
13Stuart LynchAdult – Not So Easy30208310173Most 0’s
22Christian GriffithsAdult – Not So Easy2010805117
19Justin JonesAdult – Not So Easy50000217024
9Simon WardAdult – Not So Easy40008013126
15Stephen MorrisAdult – Not So Easy40202118027
25Stuart HillAdult – Not So Easy40601016027
27Huw JonesAdult – Not So Easy306091716051
24John HillAdult – Not So Easy4090101021054
21Ian HawkeAdult – Not So Easy41371231121282
30Iwan DaviesAdult – Tricky14001080141
31Gareth Rogers Adult – Tricky40001091152
14James LaminAdult – Tricky5150130144423
2Marcus Stanton-TyzackAdult – Tricky614331020047
17Joylon WaltersAdult – Tricky512404325053
12Mark DanielAdult – Tricky91423125211278
20Julian SmithAdult – Tricky6235812131918104
7Teilo RogersYouth B – Tricky1517621781912961