Dulais valley winter WSW championship trial report.

Held a little earlier this year so we can all go watch Billy Bolt next weekend! We managed to dodge the bullet again, as most riders had finished and packed away before the persistent rain started again.

 Jumping back a week, our awesome team had the wisdom to know rain would come even though conditions were perfect that weekend. We also cropped a few sections back so they would flow a little more to avoid those long cues. That done, even in South Wales in January, not one grumpy rider was seen or heard. What a fantastic bunch sharing a fantastic sport.

 Lloyd price should be happy, his legs were spread like a ballerina in section 3 but he still managed to get out with a single dab which helped him on the way to another expert win and a clear win it was too!

It could be debated however that Julian Collins could collect the ride of the day trophy, finishing on a measly 6 marks lost, another clear class win.

Brianna King showed us she has been practising hard in the off season, awesome ride from the young up and coming lady taking the Masters A class award.

The biggest class again was our clubman with Julian Page making his way around touching the floor just twice! Another great display of old age not surrendering, He’s 60 this year you know. Hope I am half as good when I am that old.

 A rejuvenated Dean Keniford chased him but could not catch him this time. John Phillips was on form taking 3rd place but another ride of the day has to be a nearly 40 year old TLR Honda piloted by James Lamin.

Bailey Jacka has progressed and upgraded to youth clubman, well done for stepping up.

Brett King took the sportsman masters win chased by DV member Ade Lavercombe in second place.

Barrie Scully is no doubt a clubman of the future but he could not wait that long today as he rode the wrong section route, our observer Erik the Viking spotted him though and gave him a 5 for his enthusiasm.

 Lewis Andrews had a good ride taking the youth A sportsman masters.

 Dulais valleys Dan Lewis took the sportsman class win.

 Miss Maisey Morris has progressed well since changing to big wheel bikes, all the awesome TTW trainers are doing a great job nurturing her no doubts.

 Finally in a busy veteran class Dave Williams stole the show again.

 Well done to all who came and shared a good days riding with us. We really do appreciate it. Even more, a massive thank you to all the guys and gals observing. If there was a trophy Ide award it to Dave’s daughter for feeding her baby in the woods while observing her older son observing. What a family affair. Luckily Dave did win the Vets;)

 Finally, thank you to our team @DV, you know your awesome but ill tell you anyway, great job done.

Rider NumberFirst NameLast NameCourseTotalNotes
17LloydPriceExpert – Adult 17
30JamesGristExpert – Adult 60
56Gareth RogersExpert – Adult 67
31Victoria PayneExpert – Adult 96
28IwandaviesExpert – Adult DNF
51JulianCollinsMasters – Adult 6
7Lyn DaviesMasters – Adult 21
27DaiCollinsMasters – Adult 27
55AndyHaywoodMasters – Adult 34
37JolyonWaltersMasters – Adult 43
57Teilo RogersMasters – Adult DNF
19BriannaKingMasters – Youth A 68
33Julian PageClubman – Adult 2
44Dean KenifordClubman – Adult 10
35John PhillipsClubman – Adult 1323 x 0, 6 x 1
38JamesLaminClubman – Adult 1323 x 0, 5 x 1
16Chris JackaClubman – Adult 1322 x 0
14PeterLewisClubman – Adult 19
47LiamHughesClubman – Adult 23
6JulianSmithClubman – Adult 25
8KirbyRichardClubman – Adult 26
11Nick GreehillClubman – Adult 3117 x 0
45Gary RichardsClubman – Adult 3114 x 0
42Simon DaviesClubman – Adult 33
32Micky RouteClubman – Adult 40
4SimonWardClubman – Adult 54
10Mike PrytherchClubman – Adult 59
53JonMorrisClubman – Adult 63
1MattLlewelynClubman – Adult DNF
41Huw JonesClubman – Adult DNF
17BaileyJackaClubman – Youth A88
52BrettKingSportsman Masters – Adult 429 x 0 (Furthest)
12AdeLavercombeSportsman Masters – Adult729 x 0
40Simane PriceSportsman Masters – Adult 8
59WayneThomasSportsman Masters – Adult 10
21StuartLynchSportsman Masters – Adult 14
18Nev ThomasSportsman Masters – Adult 24
2EirianDaviesSportsman Masters – Adult 26
26BarrieScullySportsman Masters – Adult 27
49StephenMorrisSportsman Masters – Adult 34
48Justin JonesSportsman Masters – Adult 36
36MarkMullinSportsman Masters – Adult 40
9GaryBirtwistleSportsman Masters – Adult 46
3ThomasPowellSportsman Masters – Adult 92
20LewisAndrewsSportsman Masters – Youth A48
25DanLewisSportsman – Adult 16
39AlanHemmingsSportsman – Adult 24
58James BrinkworthSportsman – Adult 30
50John BennettSportsman – Adult DNF
54MaiseyMorrisSportsman – Youth C 85
23DaveWilliamsVeteran (+55) – Adult 4
22Martin SingletonVeteran (+55) – Adult 4
34HugoJonesVeteran (+55) – Adult11
15EurosDaviesVeteran (+55) – Adult 11
29Ian DaviesVeteran (+55) – Adult 19
5RobBerryVeteran (+55) – Adult 21
13JohnHillVeteran (+55) – Adult35
24SteveJamesVeteran (+55) – Adult 45

Dulais Valley MC would like to thank the land owner for the use of his land , Observers and all those who helped putting on this event.

Please contact Paul on 07971 968986 if there any any problems with the results.