The Fred Rist LDT was held last Sunday in the Hills above the Neath Valley.

8 Classes were catered for using both “Hard ” and “Easy ” routes.

76 started the 60 mile course broken up into the morning and afternoon loops with the lunch break back to the new excellent starting venue of the Llewn Felish Farm on the outskirts of Crynant.

In the morning the riders headed straight to the lowest part of the famous Sarn Helen Roman road for the 1st group of 6 sections and the early Special test incorporated into one of the observed section at the home of the St Davids ACU British trials championships.

The next couple of sections were 10 miles the other end of the gruelling 30 min run on the Roman road again before heading back to the outskirts of Crynant where the last 2 tight sections on land provided by kind permission from one of the NMC members.

There were 3 riders with a clean sheet on the Trail hard course and four riders loosing only 1 mark in the other classes/ route at the lunch break.

The Afternoon loop headed to the normally slippery venue of the “Wenallt woods”, but this year with the very dry conditions it was difficult to take any marks off the leading riders.

The route took its usual direction over the mountain tracks above Tonmawr  then past the famous Richard Burton birthplace of Pontrhydyfen before travelling up the by-way to see the views over the Swansea bay.

The last group of section at “Glynbedd” were reached this year by a new route by kind permission of some very obliging farmers over their land and mountain track.

A short hop over the river ford led the riders back to the Finish area for a well deserved cuppa and a burger, only to find the 3 riders on cleans in the morning were still clean and the premier and R/up in the Trial Hard course had to be settled by the special test times.

The Hybrid class was settled by ” Most cleans” with the Trail easy class result was more clear cut using the observed marks lost as was the other classes.

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