A Slippery day at Pontadawe was the order of the day for the Neath Motor Club 3 course Open Trial. Marked out by Anthony Macklen and the team at Neath, 3 courses, 8 sections were laid out at the venue. Expecting 40/50 riders, a good days trial riding was in order. With a mixture of seasoned riders and raw novices, it was fantastic to see riders of all abilities having a go, even down to a 20 Oset on the easy course, which was no easy task in the mud.

Its not very often we see a trial where, every competitor who entered, completed every section and finished the day, with no retirements. A good days sport had by all.

Was great to see Martin Singleton singing his way down the slippery bank of Section 4, and some riders have a crack at their first ever trial. We hope to see all riders in the future.

As always, massive thanks to the observers, helpers and the Land Owner for allowing us to run this event.

You can scroll the table below, or search for a rider name or class to narrow down the results.

Rider NumberNameCourseS1S2S3S4S5S6S7S8TOTALClass Position
4Alex CrowleyAdult – Easy03039047261
28Benjamin PatersonAdult – Easy0502110312332
2Hayley ChurchAdult – Easy51004160114503
32Stuart RobinsonAdult – Easy01401014001250
10Brian FarrellAdult – Easy4130912501255
43Richard WilliamsonAdult – Easy89010180101267
42Emily WilliamsAdult – Easy3158920562086
18Dean KennifordAdult – Not So Easy0010040161
30Michael PrytherchAdult – Not So Easy00394701242
40Simon WardAdult – Not So Easy121261306313
6Ian DaviesAdult – Not So Easy20574101332
3Lee CollinsAdult – Not So Easy421066126349
37Christopher SingletonAdult – Not So Easy13413121116464
41Dave WilliamsAdult – Not So Easy1330155911965
14Jennifer HuntleyAdult – Not So Easy7310179168979
29Thomas PowellAdult – Not So Easy4611181512111895
33Gareth RogersAdult – Tricky3000000141
8Lynn DaviesAdult – Tricky0000320052Most 0’s
7Iwan DaviesAdult – Tricky0130010053
19James LaminAdult – Tricky1054110214
17Huw JonesAdult – Tricky1116250218
16Christopher JackaAdult – Tricky41010721227
23Anthony MacklenAdult – Tricky5036352327
31Kirby RichardsAdult – Tricky40211093130
38Julian SmithAdult – Tricky2006457731
36Grant ShawAdult – Tricky50212194639
39Wayne ThomasAdult – Tricky52981100742
25Darren MorganAdult – Tricky32955146347
27Steven NewmanAdult – Tricky190518501149
22Stewart LynchAdult – Tricky718511711050
20Ade LavercombeAdult – Tricky818741041052
24Ross MeredithAdult – Tricky515911691157
34Teilo RogersYouth A – Tricky400106420261
15Bailey JackaYouth A – Tricky8111117161420882
1Lewis AndrewsYouth B – Not So Easy202201015131631
9Lewis FalderYouth C – Easy202081412N/AN/AN/A741
5Finnley CrowleyYouth C – Not So Easy1811581018911901