Mark T – Once upon a time in Pontadawe, the course was set, the weather was good for the first half and then it rained down on a biblical scale. Back tracking a bit and Eric decided to drive his car up to his section, and the dull bugger got it beached and had to be towed out after the trial, The Golden spark plug could well be heading Eric’s way.

Back to the rain, it really did come down, and in a very short time, a number of sections became world round sections, however those that finished had a great day’s riding, or did I mean sliding down the banks on their behinds.

All sections were observed, brilliant job by you guys.

Not to sure about the scores because they changed a few times in club, Marcus started the night 4th in class, then he moved to 3rd because of a tie, most cleans got the 3rd spot, then it was discovered that the bloke that won, didn’t actually finish the trial, so basically Marcus finished 2nd in the clubman class on his £1200 bike.

Dai Williams was 1st sportsman veteran,
John Hill was 2nd and Martin Deisel Singleton 3rd
You gotta love the old guys.

And I was 3rd in sportsman class.

The trial was all taken down after the event, Eric was rescued by Glyn Moses.

NoRiderClubClassBikeSect 1Sect 2Sect 3Sect 4Sect 5Sect 6Sect 7Sect 8TotalPos.
34JulianPageDulais Valley MCClubman – AdultBetaEvo135610991441
43MarcusStanton-TyzackNeath Motor ClubClubman – AdultYamahaty056118871462Most 0’s
11PaulDaviesDulais Valley MCClubman – AdultTRSRR63796681463
24JamesLaminNeath Motor ClubClubman – AdultMontesa4rt2698995250
51GlynMosesNeath Motor ClubClubman – Adult1171611763970
29DarrenMorganDulais Valley MCClubman – AdultTRSTrs49101015913878
36KirbyRichardsClubman – AdultVertigoNitro10913111189778
50NeilDinwoodieDulais Valley MCClubman – AdultGas Gaspro1441415131410589
27AnthonyMacklenNeath Motor ClubClubman – AdultMontesa301RR11111212141213893
39MichaelRootNeath Motor ClubClubman – AdultBetaEvo1561512131113994
22ChrisJackaNeath Motor ClubClubman – AdultBetaEvo71120151715141100
3BrianBirchNeath Motor ClubClubman – AdultBetaBetaRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
9LiamDaviesNeath Motor ClubClubman – AdultTRSRRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
31KieranMorganDulais Valley MCClubman – AdultVertigoDl12RETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
32NicholasMorganLlandod Wells & DMCClubman – AdultMontesa30110RETRET81291110Ret
48AnthonyWoolfordFormula Prostocks R CClubman – AdultShercost 3006616RETRETRETRET8Ret
13JasonGalvinDulais Valley MCExpert – AdultTRSGold61245104310541
38GarethRogersT T WalesExpert – AdultTRSOne26141611111220922
4RonanBoultonNeath Motor ClubExpert – AdultShercoSTRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
52GeorgeLynchNeath Motor ClubExpert – AdultRET10RETRETRETRETRETRETRet
55ReesDaviesNeath Motor ClubExpert – AdultRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
10LynnDaviesNeath Motor ClubMasters – AdultBetaEvo0299661012541
12OliverDaviesNeath Motor ClubMasters – AdultBetaEvo1691156916632
15AndrewHaywardDulais Valley MCMasters – AdultBetaEvo111114991214713
6JulianCollinsDulais Valley MCMasters – AdultTRSGold171514109151889
49TomWoolfordVale of Towy MCCMasters – AdultBetaEvo115181811121620111
5DavidCollinsDulais Valley MCMasters – AdultShercoStrRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
20LiamHughesDulais Valley MCMasters – AdultBetaEvoRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
33StephenMorrisDulais Valley MCSportsman – AdultBetaEvo009871180431most 2’s
23JustinJonesDulais Valley MCSportsman – AdultBetaEvo049961050432
44MarkTyzackNeath Motor ClubSportsman – Adultmontesa4ride121618141616114107
30GeraintMorganNeath Motor ClubSportsman – AdultMonteda300rrRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
47EmilyWilliamsNeath Motor ClubSportsman – AdultSherco2013RETRET20RETRETRETRETRETRet
14NickGreenhillDulais Valley MCSportsman Master –BetaEvo1002711559491
28KevinMillerSwindon & Dist MCCSportsman Master –TRSRR11681041079652
8EirianDaviesVale of Towy MCCSportsman Master –EMRace16848761111713
42JulianSmithDulais Valley MCSportsman Master –BetaEvo17013106914271
45AlanWilliamsVale of Towy MCCSportsman Master –Beta4T20791498131292
35MichaelPrytherchNeath Motor ClubSportsman Master –BetaEvo14415151115151099
2KeithBedfordDulais Valley MCSportsman Master –Montesa4rtRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
18StuartHillNeath Motor ClubSportsman Master –BetaFactoryRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
19AndrewHolveyDulais Valley MCSportsman Master –BetaEvoRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
25AdeLavercombeDulais Valley MCSportsman Master –ScorpaTyRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
40BarrieScullyDulais Valley MCSportsman Master –BetaEvoRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
54EurosDaviesVale of Towy MCCSportsman Master –RETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
26StewartLynchNeath Motor ClubSportsman Master –Beta4tRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRETRet
46DaveWilliamsNeath Motor ClubVeteran – SportsmanTRSOne r12111261160491
17JohnHillNeath Motor ClubVeteran – SportsmanBetaEvo141591110100602
41ChrisSingletonNeath Motor ClubVeteran – SportsmanTRRS oneTRRS one48111271280623
21BaileyJackaNeath Motor ClubY / A Sp /Man MasterBetaEvo16111520131315121151
16ZakHazellDulais Valley MCY / B ClubmanBetaEvo12112018111116201191
37TeiloRogersT T WalesYouth B – MastersTRSOne111281510111118961
1LewisAndrewsDulais Valley MCY / B – SportsmanBetaEvo01518181616150981
7ScarlettCollinsT T WalesY/ C Sp/man MastersBetaEvo1461618112017181201