Dulais valley easy trial with a pinch of spice for some!
6th July at ystradfellte
A little spice was won by Iwan Davies on just one dab, who also thought he was in a hare and hounds luckily as he then observed for others. Thanks mate and well done.
Not so hoppy and boppy, as injury calmed him down Lynn Davies took runner up with James Lamin so close behind on his 80s Honda. Another great ride. Paul Davies was heard shouting this soil is shittt here as he took a sample (and a 5)
Not so easy caused a stir in the Hill household as father John had a typo put him in 1st place. Quickly corrected by son Stuart who had won the class. Sorry John but good to see you all again. New man Dave Williams took runner up chased by Euros Davies.
My old mate Jonny Bennett took the easy course win on just 2 dabs chased by our regular observer Emily Williams on 7 dabs.
Youth easy was won by Max Gorvel on 27. We need more competition in your class Max, where were the youth?
In the private bets category mikey Rooted his way to some free beer from Neath sec Kev nedin. Kev contested the win but would not pay the Acu admin fees to see it through!
Excuse of the day! Mark Tyzach claimed his road legal number plate was causing so much drag that this allowed lady Emily to beat him, yes right!
Everyone left happy with a great feeling of aliveness.
Well done to all competitors and a massive thanks to our team, our observers and our farmer Dicky.

Rider NameClassMarks DroppedPosition In Class
Iwan DaviesSpicey11
Lynn DaviesSpicey32
James LaminSpicey43
Paul DaviesSpicey74
Huw JonesSpicey95
Mick GreenhillSpicey146
Mark DanielSpicey167
Darran MorganSpicey198
Anthony MacklenSpicey199
Eddie WoolfordSpicey2110
Ade LavercombeSpicey2111
Micky RootSpicey2612
Kevin NedinSpicey2713
Marcus TyzackSpiceyDNF14
Stuart HillNot So Easy51
Dave WilliamsNot So Easy62
Euros DaviesNot So Easy133
Ian DaviesNot So Easy154
Rob SchweigerNot So Easy275
Martin SingletonNot So Easy286
Jennifer HuntleyNot So Easy297
John HillNot So Easy318
Llion ReesNot So Easy429
Steve JamesNot So Easy4310
Hugo JonesNot So EasyDNF11
Johnny BennettEasy21
Emily WilliamsEasy72
Stu RobinsonEasy123
Mark OrfordEasy144
Mark TyzackEasy165
Max GorwelYouth Easy271